We provide a variety of services for companies of all sizes. From startups to large corporates.

Financial Consulting Services

Need a CFO?

We can assist with all the aspects of executive financial management – locally.

From treasury management, implementing & monitoring financial controls, accurate financial reporting and managing annual audits.

Banking & Payment Solutions

Need a bank account?

Want to accept credit cards, mobile money or even cryptocurrencies?

Want to sell good and services online in Africa, but not sure what payments methods will work?

Sometimes getting paid is the hardest part. Low credit card penetration, few acquiring merchants and high fees can make this a minefield. We offer a number of solutions, either ourselves or via partners.

Let’s maximise your payment acceptances, at the lowest possible cost.

Software Development & PSP Integration

We can provide software development to integrate these solutions and ensure neither you, nor your customers need to take any foreign exchange risk, nor do you have to worry about the custody and security of digital assets.

Blockchain Technology

As leading blockchain developers, experts and thought leaders, we are well qualified to conduct a thorough analysis and report on any digital investment or implementation.

We also have a deep understand of the current legislative environment, not only in Mauritius, but throughout the world.

Our team founded DéMars, the first blockchain protocol project in Africa. As a consequence we have in-depth knowledge of not only the technology, but also the digital distribution, capital raising (ICO’s, STO’s) and tokenomics.

Exchange Controls

The majority of the countries in our region have exchange controls. Let us guide you through the legal and practical implications of trading in these regions and ensuring your sales proceeds are not stuck in bureaucratic red tape.