Building an Incredible User Experience 

On a distributed ledger – for financial institutions and their clients 


Offer a secure wallet App for P2P transactions

In your trusted brand. 

With an amazing user experience, ongoing technical support and regular updates. 

Users can transact, exchange and hold multiple assets – on a peer to peer distributed ledger – via a mobile wallet App.

Digitise local value

Issue digital equivalents of your
domestic currency, securities,
property – in fact any form of value
you can think of. 

Exchange and Transact

Offer secure, instant, global payments. In multiple assets and currencies. Instantly tradable.

Collateralise your local currency and allow trusted counter-parties to transact in it.

Increase profits, by leveraging your position as a licensed financial services provider

Attract a new generation of clients, who only wish to transact via digital channels and expect money to move like e-mail.


Automate your international treasury function

Deploy a market making bot and profit 24 hours a day. 

Create liquidity & control your risk.

Easily searchable from your domain. 

Offer the world access to your local currency or asset via an API. Securely connected to your core system.

Be compliant

Control your compliance processes and implement local and international best practices. Only allow your asset holders to transact with regulated entities you trust.

Have the knowledge

Upskill your employees for the digital age. We’ll get them up to speed in no time. Not only your technical team, but sales, marketing and compliance too. 

With ongoing support and continuous development


and find out of you qualify for a free trial!

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March Hare & Co Ltd. is an independent technology services provider.
Building products and offering services on the Stellar™ network. 

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